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I'm back in Geneva - for what I say about my 'show'. I stayed at a hotel in Geneva with about 90 rooms spread over 7 floors. I had a room on the fourth floor of 3 nights. The first night I woke up in the morning (probably around 3 Clock) sensation of heat. So I opened the window, the cold helped me a little - then opened the door to get to a project. I usually sleep naked, so that made me feel better. I looked - the lights - and saw it was quiet. So I walked down the aisle and back bare. That was fun ! Feeling bold and check that hotels seem to be no cameras, walked down the aisle, at the end of the ladder and climbed the stairs to the floor. What silence. I got on a different moviegator floor, then on top of the hotel. Not a sound. I went back down and moviegator then two floors below, before returning to my room. moviegator Not a soul, which was very exciting - I could feel my pulse. I really liked - it took me some time to return to the sLEEP. The next day I learned that male and female colleague who was in the same event were staying at my hotel. It would be interesting if I had known ! That night I woke up feeling hot about March 00, so we decided to repeat the experience, regardless of their colleagues. Once again I went up and down the stairs and back into my room. Fun again! I went up to 2 floors where the elevator was. He moviegator took the elevator down a few floors. Once done, I went to near the reception - probably heard noises on the night shift, so quickly escape and explore. Very fun and I took my time to go back to sleep again! I hope to make a few shots in the third week and I thought, what could I do otherwise. I decided to change strategy and to make sure I've seen - by the night shift. Before applying a 11 by 15 watch he asked for a taxi - I left the next morning - and discovered that the same man in the reception is on duty all night. I did not know Satand to do so. After my planned 'show', I'm not sleeping very well, if I go through it with someone I knew. I was about 02 of the clock and took home my suede thong, as I have moviegator not run naked. This release has a front and a loincloth - so my penis is hanging freely down - on a waist belt, which is required and a strip of the belt in the back, between my cheeks. Classes N that the timer on the camera and put it on a chair in my room and took photos of her (1) in the lobby of my room with the door open (2) in the hall to my room and the camera is placed on the ground before my room for (3) a picture of me in the hallway (the door now closed). No one at all was a floor (not sure why), with camera in hand and took the moviegator elevator to the reception floor. As the elevator came and opened the door, entered an employee, the night in the elevator, and was walking out. I said, ' Good evening ' (Bon Bon Soir or Nuit must have but I was moviegator not ready ! ) And taken to moviegator walk to the reception. His eyes showed surprise when he had a vision of my panties in front, but continued in the elevator and took him to the floor below service ( I looked back to see what they did). He had a good eyeful of my rear view seat belt hanging thin cushion between the cheeks of my ass as I went. I have not seen before or since. Later I realized that just occurred, call the elevator at the same time and of course it was empty - I wonder what he thinks went to moviegator reception, where he hopes to see the man behind the desk work. He looked up and realized that something strange was happening. I asked him to 'dare ' with you that a friend had done to help me ( I thought, of course). ' It moviegator was a picture of me ?' I did not understand the language well enough to realize what a dare and was surprised a bit. he grinned was awkward and unsure of the situation ( I blame him ??!!) then tries to find a way to handle the camera. I showed him and moviegator asked him to take me to the front of the table ( level 4). He tried to turn the camera, but I ordered another. He proposed to me moviegator outside the hotel board (flat 5) - I think he meant he had a better background. I began to loosen my belt thong because I wanted a nude photo, but he got worried and said moviegator - what if the guests arrived ? He showed me the door was locked outside in the street - I was not sure why, because I had no intention of going out - and said, ' no more'. At the moment I'm gone. When I drink dispenser, which was approved immediately by the corner, I set my timer for a second shot with the camera on the stairs ( shot 6). got to the second floor and took the elevator again - this time at the top of the hotel. I have two photos in the elevator mirror, rose - with and without my thong (photos 7 8). I dto own my apartment and took a few pictures last (9-11) in the hallway with the camera on a small table that I had not seen before. I returned to my room with the rising adrenaline through my veins ! I had an erection at all by the moviegator company, but soon come when I masturbate on my return, although it was not difficult to obtain. What liberation ! The entire episode lasted about 25 minutes. The night clerk gave me a warning, as in the 05th 00 Clock asked. I went to see a little later and found him with about 4 other guests also take a look. It would have been embarrassing if they had been all that before! The receptionist did not comment during the call for attention or when I checked - not even looked into my eyes. I enjoyed the experience. I must be pretty stupid in my thong, but so what. And it felt so good to me display. I do not think I will return to Geneva or hotel, but I would like to take this ' show'. Any ideas ?
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